Thursday, August 31, 2017

Letter Bb -art

I'm Bubble wrap art- I love bubble wrap it makes for a great texture and you can usually get a lot for a small amount. I got a huge roll for 5 dollars at hobby lobby.

For our project we painted the bubble wrap brown then pressed the shape of a beehive to it giving our bee hive texture.

Bb is for Butterfly

To make these butterflies I creased a piece of paper then let the bumbles spoon blobs of paint on half the paper. We then squished the paper together pressing down on the paper. WOW! They loved opening their paper and seeing the beautiful pattern the paint made.

When they dried I cut them into a butterfly pattern.

Bb  is for bird
To make these birds I used a lunch sack and let the bumbles paint both sides of the bag. When they were done I cut them into a bird and helped the bumbles stuff them with tissue. 

Letter Bb
With the patterns I got from ABCTwiggles we made these butterflies

I gave each child a large B and let them color ( trace) with crayon when they were done the stuck on Bumblebee stickers.

I gave each child a large B and let them color ( trace) with a crayon. When they were done we stamped them with balloons and paint.

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