Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making green

What you need
Squeeze bottle s of blue and yellow paint
Something to spread the paint with
White construction paper
I would suggest newspaper for your table this one is little messy
Put items on table and let the kids have fun
the kids got to see the different colors of green they can make the ones who used more yellow had light green and the ones who used more blue had a darker green the kids really loved this one and had a great time with it due to the newspaper clean up was a synch

Friday, March 16, 2012


So today we are on thr letter v so the plan was to make volcanos but as you all know especially with 3s it does not always work out as planned. While on the playground a friend found a caterpillar which led us to a nature hunt looking for leaves and sticks to add to a butterfly habitat that I use every year so we read the very hungry caterpillar and then made caterpillars and of course danced to if I were a butterfly did nothing as planned but the kids learn with life what a great day it is amazing when we can share in God s creations.

Volcano experiment

Diet 7 up, gingerale,  diet coke and mentoes
Which one is higher we let the kids determin what the think would happen and then we added the mentoes wow what a fun expirment

Once we got back to class I showed the kids how then can make a smaller reaction on a cookie sheet I gave them a cup of vinegar food color and baking powder once it started to bubble they squished their paper on top they had so much fun
I called this stinky art cause my room smelled :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Counting goldfish

What you need
A piece of construction paper saying I have ______goldfish
Goldfish bowlpattern
goldfish snack

Have each child cut out gold fish bowl and glue on construction paper
Then have them glue the amount of fish they want in the bowl
When they are done have them count the number of fish they have and write the number into the blank space

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shamrock tree

Each child cut out their own shamrock some needed more tape than others but they all did a great job

Marbleized shamrocks

What you need:
Baby oil
Food coloring
cookie sheet

Splash a bit of water on the cookie sheet then add your drops of food coloring for my shamrocks I use blue yellow and green I put the yellow on top of the blue to show how was the colors mixed make green Then splash a half of cap full of the baby oil Place your paper on top and let the water soak up the paper then hang to dry empty Cookie sheet wipe once with paper towel and continue with next child This is a one on one project but if you set out ingredients so the kids can add them in (a Dixie cup of water droppers for the food color and oil ) the kids are so excited to watch their returns they don't mind waiting

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Foil art

Today we painted on foil
What you need:
Paint with glue mixture

I cut out a cardboard shape rainbows and covered it with foil

then gave the children paint to decorate their foil rainbow with.

I forgot to and the glue and my paint started flaking so I sprayed them with hairspray and they were fine

I got this idea from if you get a chance check them out

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dr. Suess

Here are composites of all the different classrooms ways of celebrating Dr. Suess

oreo cookies frosting marshmellows and red icing made this yummy snack :)

The 4 year olds made green eggs and ham I could not get a parent helper this year but the hall way smelled ymmy

I wore the cat in the hat hat and the rest of my class were the things we made the necklaces in advance the colored the plate then picked which thing they wanted to be traced it wilth glue then sprinkled it with glitter :)