Saturday, June 23, 2012

T Ball Banner

What you need
Large felt square
smaller felt squares in varies colors
fabric pain
hot glue gun

I used a large black felt square for my back round
and white brown and blue felt square for the rest.
using a paper full paper towel roll (this was the perfect size for my ball)
I traced out 12 balls
I used clip art patterns for my bat and helmet
and bubble letters for my lettering (these I did free hand but you can buy some or print them out using word if you have that font)
the balls I used red fabric paint for the stitching and black fabric paint for the names

if you have made or make a banner please post picture or send a link... when trying to find banner ideas I was only able to find one useful site

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Circus tent

For our last week of school we had circus parties what a blast!
Popcorn Cotton Candy circus cookies face painting clown art games and jojo circus music and movement soooo many things to do for circus sooooo little time