Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Funshine Faith Lesson- Give Praise

Bible Story Time

The Lords Prayer today the Pandas (the name of my class) followed along as I read the story book The Lords Prayer.
I then used the questions provided in the curiculm to reenforce the story. Then used the discussion ideas.

Music and Movement: We sang the Give Praise song provided first to learn the words then we grabbed instruments and then marched around the room.

Enrichment activity 

Each panda got a prayer book sheet and colored the page we want over the words so they can read it on their own.

Bible Art: My Prayer
Each child got a blue piece of paper. They folded  the paper like a card. On the outside they glued a Dollie  then stuck a snowflake sticker on top.
As they did this I reminded them that each snowflake is different not one of them is alike use like us. God made us all different and he cares for each and every one of us. Inside the card they traced their hands.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fun Shine Faith Lesson- Put God First

Bible Story Time:  I used the story props to review our story this month, The Lords Prayer. We then went over why we pray and when we should pray.

Music and Movement: They Loves the P-R-A-Y Pray sound from the curriculm. We got out instruments and sand it fast then slow, loud then soft.

Bible Art: Today we made pray banners. Using the materials that came in the curriculm we made our banners while listening to whisper a prayer.

We hung them on our letter bulletin board pray and penguin both begin with Pp

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Funshine Faith Lesson -Jesus teaches us to pray

To start our January faith lesson we the story treasure out of Goodythe class gave me suggestions on what the boy was doing and then we talked about what the boy could be praying about.

Story: using the story cards given in the curriculm I went over the Lord prayer and why we pray.
I love the story displays

Additional activities: using the activity on page 4 
I put the letters p.r.a.y on blocks and had the class spell out the work pray. We then discussed different people to pray for and  wrote there names on other blocks and we then built towers with the foundation for prayer with our friends in the middle.