Monday, February 13, 2012

shaken heart

what you need:
plastic container with lids ( I got some at the dollar tree 3 for a dollar)
small hearts

I added paint and small hearts into the containers each child took a turn shaking the colors and taking and adding hearts when they come out the have this cool spin art affect to them

we used these to decorate our bags for our valentine parties

Friday, February 10, 2012

name tracing

here's a way to display name tracing for February I wrote the kids name in highlighter on a heart shaped doilie then let them trace it with maker I will display this around our bible verse for the month of February

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

rain clouds

   today we mixed shaving cream and black paint to make rain clouds

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quiet Cave

so through pintrest I found this great idea for a cave  I loved how she decorated her cave and my plan was to use it for hibernation I however could not find a box big enough till last week which was while we were on the letter Q I did not get a chance to get brown paper bag and didn't want to waste butcher paper so I just kept it simple but the kids still had a blast

we sang O Grizzly Bear a song on the Gymboree CD

O Grizzly Bear
O Grizzle Bear
is sleeping in his cave

O Grizzly Bear
O Grizzly Bear
is sleeping in his cave

please be very quiet shhhhhh
please be very quiet shhhhh
do not shake him do not wake him or he sure will growl  

the last sentence I change to whomever child was in the cave at that time ex.
do not shake him do not wake him ( D.J)  sure will growl.

Hogs and Kisses

For my February bulletin board we will make heart shape hogs and Hershey kisses this will be 2 seperate art projects that I hang on the board

 materials needed:

Large Heart pattern (hogs head)
2 small hearts (ears)
1 Small heart (snout)
marker ( for eyes)
red pipe cleaner ( mouth)

I have the smaller heart pre cut
each child cuts out a large heart
then glues the rest together to make their Hog

I add tons of glue on top of the pipe cleaner so they will stick

For the kiss

Kiss pattern
Small piece of Constitution paper for name

have each child cut out kiss pattern
then let them glue tiny squares of foil to wrap their kiss in

I usually use a darker color pink for the nose and ears but you use what you got :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

groundhogs day

so for groundhogs day  we made groundhogs popping out of toilet paper rolls tht kids painted with brown paint each child colored their own groundhog and we taped it to a popcycle stick then we painted a toilet paper roll for the groundhog hole :)  ( using q tips because we are reviewing Q this week )

we went outside and read the story 10 little groundhogs then we traced our shadows and each child got to color theres in.

I left my camra at home so will take pics of the finish produts and post them soon.