Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ocean week

I painted an egg carton blue, then added numbers 1-5. For our math center I encouraged each child to put the number of fish indicated in each hole. The older the kids the higher in numbers you can go. Most of the kids in this class have just turned 3 so I am keeping it simple. There were a few of the kids that were able to do it on their own. For the ones that do not know there numbers yet I would tell them the correct numbers have them repeat it then put that many fish in the hole.

For Circle Time:  we read these ocean stories throughout the week
I got fish wish from the reading rainbow app.

We also sang ocean songs 

Slippery fish. I found this version on you tube,

My Crab Song by chicky-ma-ma sung to "It's a Small World" 
I'm a small crab in the sea 
I'm as red as I can be 
I have 6 legs as you can see 
I'm a small red crab

Baby Baluga by: Raffi

Octopus Bubble when you mix 7up and pinapple juice together it makes bubbles, just like the octopus in the ocean. 

We also talked about how octopus release ink when a preditor is close leaving them unable to see and it gives them time to run away.

I got this idea from this blog 

I used black paint

Handprint goldfish 
we made a dot-to -dot fish I couldn't find the pattern I used but I found this one you can use
Ocean's in the bottle(class favorite) we added water food color blue glitter and oil.

Red crabs: Ed paint we then folded the, in half and added wiggly eyes and claws.
Using this octopus pattern we glued Cheerios to make the suction cups on the tentacles 

they also have other ocean ideas that look great! check them out @ makinglearningfun

  • Gross Motor Skills - Crab Walk: We sat with our hands and feet on the floor, knees bent, and push up so that the front of our body was facing the ceiling. Then we walk back and forth and sideways on our hands and feet.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lego Day

This Friday our school was having a movie under the stars night . It's where we watch a movie in the parking lot of the school on a blow up projector. This week the movie was The Lego Movie, to help promote it we had a Lego Day in school.

Circle Time:

Luckily my son has loved Legos from the beginning and I was able to borrow some of his beginning Lego books

I got this idea from this blog and used it with this cut circle time song I made up

Sung to inspector gadget 

Do do do do do can you spell this name do do do do do do let's go do do do do do can you spell this name what does its spell 
No singing

Continue till each child has a turn

Later I  use the Legos, take them apart and have the child put it pack together spelling their name.

Using an idea I got from this this blog I used the template I got from this site. And had each child glue on pants a shirt and draw in a face.
All and all I think Lego day turned out great!