Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Letter Aa- Art

A if for alligator

I got this  craft off the abctwiggles website. To make it appropriate for 2's I have a pre cut A  I encourage the bumbles to trace it with a crayon. I give them water color paint brushes to put glue on their paper  for the eyes and teeth.

A is for apple tree

I gave each child a white piece of paper with a brown tree trunk. To keep the green at the top of the paper I covered the bottom with a scratch piece of paper.
We then squished up prices of red tissue paper and stuck it on the wet paint. ( no need for glue)

A is for Apple 

I gave each bumble a cut of letter A and encouraged them to trace it when they were done I gave them Apple stickers to put on their A. Stickers are a great resource for littles to strengthen their fine motor skills

When they were all done we glued it to a yellow piece of paper.

We also stamped with apples

Ants on the grass
After crawling like ants around the room we colored with green crayon , painted with green paint and added green strips of paper to make grass. Once it dries we with add black and red ants in the grass.

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