Monday, August 21, 2017

Dinosaur Week-Art

Theses are the activities I've done this week. These activities were done with 2year olds that are potty training. They seem little but can do so much!
Dinosaur mask

These masks were pre ready and all the bumbles had to do was paint. I did encourage them to put the nose and horns on but painting was enough and they were ready for the next activities.
Baby Dinosaur 
I got this Pattern from the kidssoup website. We did it in 2 parts first we colored the dinosaur egg and later during the day we painted the dinosaur.

When they were all dry I cut them out and stuck them to our Dino-mite listener board

Dino Prints years ago I was blessed with these dinosaurs from one of my parents that was getting rid of old toys

Volcano Scene

I let the bumbles paint with glue then stick trees around their volcano. They then used red paint to make lava and dinosaur stickers.

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