Monday, August 21, 2017

Dinosaur Centers

 Centers can be started even if you have the two's. I prefer centers it keeps the littles engaged with out having a free for all. ( we do not what the caterpillar room scene in Toy Story.)

Math Center: 
To make this center I cut up small different pieces of construction paper and gave the Bumbles colorful dinosaurs to stick on the squares
After a while the construction paper kept falling off the table so I used contact paper to stick them there. Perfect! 

Sensory center 

I pat this table I gave the bumbles large dinosaurs, shaving cream and paint brushes. They enjoyed painting the dinosaurs..

In one bin I had sand and dinosaur skeletons. The Bumbles got to use a paintbrush to wipe the sad of the dinosaurs just like a real   
Writing Center
I feel that the littles are a bit young to write their names but that does not mean they can't learn how to properly use a marker
Each week I will rotate what picture goes in the dry erase folders mostly the littles just scribble the picture but it strengthens their fine motor and teaches the basics in writing fundamental. Plus it's fun and they feel like the big kids.
Remember they are two let them scribble :)

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