Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dinosaur Week-Books

Every year the first two weeks of school we start with Dinosaurs. This is great when the kids a learning how to be Dino-mite Listeners. This year I'm going to give you my whole week of kid approve activities I did with my Two year old class.
This year My ratio is 1:8 but for the most part I range 5 kids


Dino-mite Books
Remember books should be age appropriate chance are a year old won't sit for a long story. It is important to be interactive and engaging when you read

Peek-Boo Dinosaur I got last year through the FunShine Express Curriculm if you've never heard of them check out the website it's where I've gotten allot of my ideas for the classroom.
I got this from but I've seen it everywhere has many resources, it is a yearly subscription but worth it to me art ideas felt story ( they do not give me anything I am endorsing because it's a great website. 
This was donated by a parent love it super easy kids love say WOW PLAYGROUND, WOW ART, WOW...

This one came through scholastic on of thoes 99 cent gems but I've read it on the first day of school every year.
Bible always begins in the beginning this is a great was to teach the littles of creation.

Most I've ever spent on a book but love it sung to the tune of ain't Ganga rain no more. 

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