Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Let you light Shine

On Christmas Eve My Church has a candlelight service every year and I thought this craft from the FunShine Express would go well will advertising and getting as many people to hear the Good News.
I started out by introducing the candle vocabulary card. I love how these cards just get the bumbles talking and giving them new thoughts and ideas .

we talked about candles and why they are used. We also sang the song that came in the kit
I brought out the gingerbreads and talked about how they are holding hands and showing the care and when we show we care we care sharing the light of Jesus. we then talked about other ways we can share Jesus through our words and songs and stories. I then gave them the materials to make their own candle are. ( note I did change it up a bit)


Construction paper
red and green crayons

each child colored their paper as much or little as the wanted with red and green crayons. I then gave them a tray of glue and small pain brushes. Once they had enough glue on their paper they were able to add the candles. On the top of their paper I added ______ is shining bright for Jesus
While making this craft I played Let your light shine by hill song kids

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