Monday, December 5, 2016


This week we are starting out Gingerbread theme I am so excited for this theme. I love when the kids get to experience Christmas in a hands on way.

The FunShine Express sent me some amazing material to  experiment with my Bumbles. We will be singing, playing, and introducing so many new things to these littles.

I am mostly excited about the gingerbread men they sent. Of course I will be using them to repeat the Buster Buddy song at  Circle. Our morning is not complete without giving each bumble the spotlite as they move there object and say hello. I have adapted for Christmas by giving them a gingerbread man and changing the lyric

Gingerbread goes high
Gingerbread goes low
Gingerbread wants to meet _____ here he goes

we also introduce them by singing this song

In The 2016/2017 CD they also have a gingerbread song that we have played during art and as a freeze Dance even if you don't own the CD its fun to sing as they play with Gingerbread playdoh or at circle

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