Friday, December 16, 2016

Starry Night

This Fun Craft came from My FunShine curriculum box they gave me everything I needed for this craft

Before doing the craft I showed them the vocabulary card of decorate
we talked about what was in the picture, what the child was doing and then went on who had a tree and their favorite ornament on the tree.

Black construction paper
Christmas tree
star stickers

My bumbles still have trouble knowing their space so I like giving them cookie trays for their art it helps keeps them focused on their work and not going into someone else's space.

I stared out with their Black construction paper and a white crayon. I let them color as much as they wanted then gave them a tree. Though I added the glue to these trees I let them place them on their paper. They were then given stars to add on the black part of the paper which of course some wanted to put on the tree or their hands. :) which I happily allow :)
On the top I labeled it _____'s Starry Night. I played O Christmas tree as the bumbles enjoyed decoration their art.

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