Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Present

One thing I fill all preschool teachers need are ideas for Christmas gifts. I love making something with the child that the parents can use throughout the year.
This year we made dessert tins, coaters and a cookies for santa plate.
The picture shows mostly the dessert tin but I will give instructions on how to make all three.

Cookies plate
chinet plate (hard cardboard not wax) 2.99 for 14large at Stater Brothers
I copied this picture
I got of an internet search and when I was done I covered with 2 layers of decoupage

For the Dessert tin I bought tins at the dollar tree one for each kid. I then decoupage their Christmas phot on the lid. Inside we filled with goodies we decorated during our Christmas party.
When adding the phot make sure you print these ones on phot paper regular printing paper with bubble on the tins to much.

.16 at home depot.
on one tile I place there Christmas picture with decoupage
on the other their hand print and the third I wrote Merry Christmas in Sharpie then surrounded it with there fingerprints then drew lines to turn their fingerprints into Christmas light.
all three tiles got 2 cots of decoupage once they sat out for a day for the paint and marker to dry.

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