Monday, September 26, 2016

B is for...

This week we are introducing the letter Bb. Throughout the years I have collected what I feel is the best circle time letter introductory kit.

Each day we read sing and touch the letter of the week.

And of course we use Buster Buckle to introduce all of our friends

Activities for the letter Bb

Using large button die cut we sorted all the buttons.

We colored a capital B then glued  Bumble Bees on the letter Bb. On the bottom of the paper I added the children's definition for a Bee.
To help the kids I give them a small cup full of glue and a q-tip.

This activity I got off the abctwiggles website we turned a capital B into a beautiful butterfly. This site you do need to pay for but check pinterest do a simple Letter ___ art and tons will pop up or you can check out my pinterest where I have organized my class ideas through months

Balloon Painting: I love introducing new object for my Bumbles I tried water balloon but I do feel regular balloons stand up better(wont pop as easily) make sure when using balloons that if they do pop you get all the pieces THEY ARE A CHOKING HAZARD WHEN POPPED.

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