Friday, September 9, 2016

The Ants Go Marching

Hey Bloggers! so one thing I try to do in my class room is connect most of the activities together. Circle time, play art, discovery all goes together with what we are learning. Today we discovered the fascinating world of ants. :)
Now, this week these fun insects have been a sore subject for me since they have been invading my home :( I have ants everywhere in my kitchen and they are driving me bonkers. So now I have ants in the workplace but these ants are much cuter.

Circle Time: To introduce our color and shape of the moth we use this great poster that came from the FunShine Express curriculm we introduced the red circle by sing this song.

Art: Each red or black to represent their ant. we then painted egg cartons. We added pipe clears for antenna and sticker eyes. 

While painting we played and sang the Ants go matching over and over.

Story of the day:
 I just love this book, the pictures are bright and fun. the kids cant wait to see what the ant will do next. I always encourage my little ones to pat their hand on there laps as they sing boom, boom, boom.

We started out the day with circle time we talked about the size of the Ants we discovered that they were much smaller than an aligatior.

we crawled around the room to the Ants Go Marching One By One from Barney we crawled fast and slow, we crawled in a straight line just like the worker ants.

Before clean up time talked about how God used the ants as an example on how to be a hard worker. We followed their exampple by picking up our toys.

Discovery: For outside play we added magnifying glasses at let the little-ones explore on their own. We asked where they thought the ants were going and we encouraged them to count how many they saw.

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