Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fun with Friends

VWe are still learning to share but we are getting to know each other and recognizing  each one by name. Buster Buckle has been very helpful when teaching us our friends name as we pass him from one friend to the next. Its also been a great tool for teaching patience and that everyone gets a turn.

Today for circle-time  we shared pictures I've been taking throughout the last few weeks of our friends playing. We talked about what the were doing and who was in the pictures. 

For art we used crayons, dot-paint, stickers and the pictures from circle time to decorate a piece of paper that said ________'s Friends  as they created their masterpieces I played the welcome friends song from the Funshine CD.

Welcome Friends Track 1
 • Sung to “Skip to My Lou”
Welcome, welcome, welcome friends!
Welcome, welcome, welcome friends!
Welcome, welcome, welcome friends!
 Glad you are here today!
Say, “Hello” to my friends now.
Say, “Hello” to my friends now
 Say, “Hello” to my friends now.
 Glad you are here today!  I then repeact the song replace the word my friend with a child name.

Lyrics to all their songs can me found on the curriculum extras page.

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