Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I just love fall. The weather is cooler and everything just feels cozier. I love pumpkin spice lattes, breads, scones and pumpkin play-doh. This month I will be filling my classroom with red brown orange and green as we talk about the change in the weather. To start off I used The vocabulary cards that came in the FunShine Curriculm. We looked at the picture of the girl and asked why they though she was wearing a coat. We then took out all of the jackets/sweaters we brought. We noticed some had Zippers, some had buttons and some pulled over our heads. We played a game and to see if we could pick the right coat with the right friend.

Circle Time: To introduce our friends today I used the same concept as Buster Buckle but instead of using Buster I used a mini pumpkin. We talked about its color and size.

Fall Art

what you need:
Brown Lunch Sack
Orange Paint
Green Pipe cleaners

Have each child paint both sides of the brown sack. when done stuff it ( I use news paper) and twist the tip of the bag to look like a stem. Wrap stem green pipe cleaner.

Sun catcher leaves

What you need:
Leaf pattern (I got this one from the scholastic website)
Fall colored construction paper
Tissue paper
Contact paper

To prepare cut out leaf shape on the center of the paper. Stick contact ape rover leaf shape. Keep is edge till art.

Give each child  sticky leaf and let them stick tissue paper in the center. When done stick another piece on top.

Jack o lanterns

What you need :
Pumpkin pattern ( I got this one from the mailbox companion website) 
Orange paint 
Jack o lantern mouth

Have each child paint the pumpkin then glue the triangle eyes and mouth.

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