Thursday, October 6, 2016

October Circle Time

Each month I introduce new concepts to go with our season

To say good morning this month we will be using Dino Dino a super cool rolling Dino I got from The FunShine Express. Each child takes turn rolling Dino Dino to each other as the sing this song.

Here Comes Dino
sung to " 
Here comes Dino,
here comes Dino, 
here comes Dino.
He rolls from me to you

Roll back Dino
Roll back Dino
Roll back Dino
He rolls from you to me.

Introducing orange. We added an orange circle to monkey this month. We will continue to sing our monkey song and shape song we just changed it from red to orange.

🎶 put the triangle on your foot on your foot 
    Put the triangle on your foot on your foot
    Oh, you have a foot it's true
    Other people have one too.
    Put the triangle on your foot on your foot. 🎶 
    sung to "If your happy and you Know it"

I love introuducing empotions during October. Whil all the costumes and scary things our it's a great time to let the kids know it's ok to be happy sad scared silly ect. A great way t to this is through this emotion rhyme.
Pumpkin, pupkins short and fat 
Change your feeling just like that

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