Friday, October 14, 2016

Dinosaur Fun

The Funshine a curriculm came with this great activity for circle time. The Bumblebees loves rolling the Dino car back and forth while singing the song. We also brought it out during free play because they loved it so much.

Dinosaur tails.

I love the small Pom poms that came it the kit today. Perfect for their tiny hands. We sipes our sponges in green paint then covered the long bags with they paint. I can't wait for them to dry so we can shake our dino-tails. As they painted I played dinosaur, dinosaur from the 2004 Funshine CD

shaving cream  covered dinosaurs: we covered dinosaurs with shaving cream then let the class  encouraged the to trace the letter D on the table.

Music and Movement: We are the Dinosaurs By: Laurie Berkner
If you have never played this song with your littles I encourag you weather they are 2 or 4 the will love this song. You can play it during art or for music and movement they will catch on quickly  and it enspires creative play

Sensory.using shaving cream we covered dinosaurs and let the bumbles play.

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