Saturday, January 21, 2012

valentine Butterfly

So this week one of my parents donated a ton or wrapping paper rolls they saved from Christmas so that kick started me into a great valentine idea.

what you need:
toilet paper rolls
pink or purple paint
pink or purple construction paper
small heart shape pattern (trace pattern onto construction paper I was able to fit 2 hearts on one sheet)
red pipe-cleaners (fold in half and mold hearts on the end)

I cut the rolls down to toilet paper size and had each child paint them either pink or purple

I let them choose their color of wings and trace 2 hearts on them and had them cut them out ( my threes have been cutting since September most did fine some had trouble with the bump. I keep plenty of tape around

once the rolls were dry I had them stick on sticker eyes and then I drew a mouth and taped on red pipe cleaners for the antennas these will go on my tree next week.

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