Thursday, January 12, 2012

shimmery snowflakes

What you need:
coffee filters
glue/water mixture
opal glitter
blue construction paper

So I got this idea off another blog preschool playbook I followed her instructions except for I used coffee filters instead of tissue paper but had pre-done snowflake ready just in case my 3 year olds had trouble they did very well they ended up gluing their snowflake and mine :)
once the snowflakes were cut I gave them the blue piece of paper and the glue/water mixture (my second batch of glue was better because I used more water so it looked like a thick liquid starch

when they were done gluing they put their snowflake in my glitter bucket and sprinkled the opal glitter on top

when the snowflakes were dry I cut around the coffee filters and hung them around the room.

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