Monday, January 9, 2012


I love reading this book it is always great fun and really sparks the kids interest. I read it every January

Snowmen at night By:Caralyn Buchner

After we make our snowmen I ask each child what they think their snowman does at night I write it down and will put it on the bulletin board next to their snowman.

I did this craft in 2 parts in the morning we cut out the hats and at our regular art time we glued him together

What you need:
Small coffee filter
Large coffee filter
Hat pattern
Sticks ( we will gather sticks on our way from the playground)
Something for eyes and nose ( I used Cole and carrot shape construction paper cutouts)

When sitting the kids at the table I bring out each piece asking them what each piece could be used for Have each child cut out hat pattern

(I use lots of tape) :)

Give them glue and let them put together their snowman, have them use marker to draw a face
(I do remind them markers do not go in glue)

have child place sticks where they choose the arms to be but I helped and tapped them on. ( the glue would not stick)

When the snowmen dry they will go on my bulletin board for January

my original plan was to use markers for the face and streamers for the scarf but as you know it does not always go as plan I ended up grabbing crayons and it took longer to tape the sticks and I forgot about the scarfs only remembered once we were done.
this was my first year making snowmen out of coffee filters I normally do different size paper plate or white circles a co-worker had this on her wall this morning and I had to copy

I will hang the rest up once the glue dry's

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