Friday, November 11, 2016

Fall ideas

We painted their feet brown then added feather a beak and gobbler to make these turkeys.

November books
These are all fabulous hands on books to read to two or three year olds. They hold their attention and are short but interactive.

Vegtable pick up

This was a great way to get the bumbles to familiarize themselves with different fruits and Vegtables. 
Give each child a food card
Have them sit in a circle as you sing this song while driving the truck around
When you song the child food have them load it in the truck. You can use any toy truck I used this wooden truck I got from the FunShine express.

Thankful Child pictures 

What you need:
Cornucopia pattern
Squared of plastic canvas, 

Each child used the plastic square to paint a pattern on the cornucopia.

Once they dry stick child picture in the center then encourage them to stick stickers around their pictures. 

I turned them into placemats by gluing them to a larger piece of paper then writing what the are thankful around it.

Using the matrials provided in the FunShine Curriculm we made turkey 


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