Saturday, October 3, 2015

Funshine Express

I am so excited It's been 3 years since I last used
Funshine faith lessons and I can't wait to start. I've already incorporated it into my classroom curriculm for this month. I will be posting our activities all month long and let you know how it goes.

This morning to  help introduce our faith lesson for the month I brought out the counting sheep activity suggested in page 2 of this months faith lesson 

My class had a great time using the tweezers and counting out cotton balls and putting them on the corresponding number.
To introduce our story Goody came to share with us what was in his heart.
My super helper got to pull out out his heart to see what Goody wanted to talk about 
He pulled out the Story Treasure  for this months faith lesson  then went over the story of The Lost Sheep.

Art: Jesus' Little Lambs

Using the pieces that came with our curriculm we put together our Lambs. The white festoons were very messy and when I tried to sweep them up the floated all over the place( but the children loved it).

The finished product. I can't wait to hang them on the bulletin board.

Today we continued our faith lesson. I talked to the class about sheep. How do sheep find do they find water... How do they keep safe. We then talked about God and how we can go to Him for anything we need. He is our Shepard!
We read the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abendigo  we talked about how because they trusted in God he turned a scary situation into good. God is with us always just as a Shepard is with his sheep.

In the faith lesson they gave us this for a video on sheep

For art we made sheep masks I love that everything comes in a bag alI have to do is pull it out no cutting or prepping, It's all done for me. 

They wrote there names then glued a black pompon in the center of the mask
We pulled apart cotton balls and glued them on the mask 
We then glued on the ears
After they dry we will add the strings and use them for the Sheep Sound activity that came with the lesson.

This week we continued our Funshine express faith lesson with this great Shepard puppet craft.
Each child colored then cut our the shepherd patten
They then glued them to the paper bag and glued on a brown pipe cleaner for the Shepard staff.

When they were done with art they were able to lay on our sheep rug and read stories

Sheep Sounds
I used this idea from the faith lesson and had the class move around the room making sheep sound quietly then loudly.
We then went around the room singing Where did it go from page 7 of the curriculm.

Using the enrichment  activity they lead the Shepard to the lost sheep

Today we did the last activity for our October Faith Lesson. 

I did do a bit altering on this one instead of finger painting I painted with tooth brushes. This gave the paper a grassy look. This art activity was also used later in a language and movement activity that was in the curriculm.

Each child painted a piece of paper with a green toothbrush.

After they added a variety of animal stickers to their paper and one sheep sticker
When their paper was dry they taped on tiny squares over each sticker.

They then took turns singing this song looking for their friends sheep

Where's the sheep? Where's the sheep? Who can find the missing sheep? Oh, look here and there and every where around, until the missing sheep is found.- Funshine Express

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