Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A new Home for Abraham

Today the entire school got together for chapel as I told the story of Abraham

I made  this display from an idea I got from here to share the 3 promises God gave to Abraham.
For this one I used
Construction paper
3 cut out
Star stickers
Construction paper tent
Baby boy pattern

I told the story in my own words but then used this display to sum up the story. We talked about how God made us and how he has promises and blessing for our lives.
We then went over our Monthly Bible Verse
I will praise God because I am wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14

I gave each child a star sticker and told them that every time the see the sticker it's a reminder that the are wonderfully made and that God has promises and blessing for their lives.

Music and Movement

We dance to Father Abraham

This got my little ones up and movin around.

Art: for art we cut out this tent pattern then glued it to a piece of paper, inside the door of the tent I encouraged them to draw Abraham and Sarah. 
I think next time I would glue it on blue paper and add star stickers.

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