Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Farm Fun- week 1

This month is farm Madness we started out with life on the pond and how a frog life cycle is similar to the butterfly and chick. They start as eggs, turn into tadpoles, grow some feet and then loose their tail and they are frogs
Each day we worked on a different part of the process
Day 1 we talked about how tadpole eggs are in a jelly like substance and will not survive in water. On a piece of wax paper we pored tons of glue on a small Lima bean

Day 2 Tadpoles: we painted egg cartons and cut out an tail shape for a tadpole 

Day 3 Frogs: we painted a paper plate green then our hands and stamped them on a white piece of paper. When they were dry we cut out our hands and glued on eyes and a toy get on complete our frog.

Day 4 Lilly pads: what pond Is complete without Lilly pads. We painted small paper plates green then added tissue paper to make the flower.


We sang 5 green and speckled frogs by Raffi

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