Wednesday, December 16, 2015

FunShine Faith Lesson- God sent Angels

Using the story props I retold the Chistmas story this time using a flashlight to emphasize the bright light that came from the sky.

Bible art: using the materials provided we made the singing angles

They Drew the angle singing

Folded the doilie then cut on the crease
They then taped the dress and wings on the sticks.
They did a Great job
And are  very proud of their bulletin bird display 
To make this board I use. The costumes from our christmas play and took a picture if each child. I printed them out on letter size paper. I also shrunk a copy small enough to fit on a baby food jar. Each child painted glue inside the poured snowflake glitter in and shook it up. We put in a Electric tea light candle and Walla Christmas presents for the parents are done!

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