Monday, November 2, 2015

Faith Lessons - November

So excited to be starting a new faith lesson from the Funshine Express. The planned lessons always come with amazing songs fantastic activities and art that is pre made which means no setup no last minute trip to the store I have more than enough for everybody.
Today we started our lesson by pulling our story treasure out of Goody.
We talked about Gods plan for each of us

We played with baby dolls and used a variety of baskets.

We sang a song I got from the Fun Shine Curriculm

We then made the floating Moses craft again I love that everything comes in a bag. 

This is one of my favorite crafts so far.
We first colored both the sides of the paper
The curriculm also suggested painting which I would have preferred but we started later than I expected and I didn't have enough to time to wait for paint to time.
We then cut the grass 
Each child colored and cut out their Baby Moses, then wrapped them in blankets and put them in a basket. During art they continued to sing the Baby Moses song from the lesson plan.
They turned out great
Today we read the story the Tiny Baby that came in our November Faith Lesson
Ready to get my day started prep for art ✔done, all I had to do is pull it out of the bag.

This activity was perfect right before Thanksgiving.
Each child traced the Bible verse
Then cut the dotted lines and put it back in order.
What a great verse for this month. We give thanks to you, O God. We talked about all the things the Lord has blessed us with, then wrote what we were thankful for on the pieces provided.

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