Sunday, October 14, 2012

open house

so this week was my back to school night for the three year old class it is run like an open house here is our fall tree with apples leaves and acorns ( the acorns were painted with acorn. we were going to roll the acorns on the paper but that did not work so we stuck the paper on the acorns and moved the paper back and forth

spotlighting me this has the child's name fav. color birthday hair color eye color fav food what they can do and what the want to be when they grow up all answered by themselves

we make super sized scare crows and hand and foot print crows to go with them the corn we painted with actual corn

autumn trees were painted with their hands then they put felt leaf stickers on them

the name of my class is giraffes the spots of the giraffes our their finger prints

candy corn painting they painted stripes on there hands to represent candy corn

10 Apples up on top

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